Schools / Groups

The coolest class/group trip…ever!

Do you want something exciting to challenge your school, youth or sports group?

We have just the answer!  Your team will experience the thrill and excitement of trampolining under the strict safety guidelines of our fully qualified coaches.

Discounted rates apply for groups of 20 or more during term time afternoons – and teacher jumps free!

Now available for your next school trip:

Discount Rates

Groups receive discounted prices as follows:

The 60 minute price for a group of 10+ jumpers is reduced by 10% from £8.00 to £7.20 per person – promo code Group10
The 60 minute price for a group of 20+ jumpers is reduced by 20% from £8.00 to £6.40 per person – promo code Group20
The 60 minute price for a group of 30+ jumpers is reduced by 30% from £8.00 to £5.60 per person – promo code Group30

Similar percentage discounts would apply to:
120 minutes full price £15.00
90 minutes full price £12.00

BOING ZONE safety grip socks are required for all participants, reusable pairs are available for £2.00 each.

For exclusive hire for one hour the price is £350 for a maximum of 50 jumpers.
This is available all weekdays but only available after 6.00pm on weekends.

For information:
Party room hire is free for the first hour with food, and then £50 per hour.
Food: a Pizza buffet is available at £5.00 per person (includes squash)

There is no charge for teachers/leaders – and they can even enjoy a free coffee in our cafe area.

Bring a packed lunch – Complimentary 45 mins in our party room with free water / squash or we can provide a buffet or pizzas at £5.00 per head.

You can treat the students after a hard working term or incorporate this energy burning exercise into your physical education programme.

We can guarantee you will get full participation with this activity. BOING ZONE  endeavours to encourage the not so active kids to experience the fun trampolines while they benefit from the physical activity.

We can custom design a group session for you filled with high-energy challenges and games, concentrating on agility and balance or simply let the children relax and have fun!

Small pre-school groups are welcomed with custom designed programmes to stimulate their body and mind.

School / group sessions are only available between 10am and 4pm and 7pm and 10 pm on weekdays and excludes all public holidays and school holidays.

What are the benefits of such a programme?
You can expect:

improvement in inter-personal relationships
improved self confidence
improved spatial awareness
to learn safety aspects of trampolining
the development of mind-body orientation
increased muscular strength and endurance
improvement in balance and agility

With 1 full sized trampolines, and various other ‘bouncing’ equipment, the children will have fun while gaining confidence and body awareness.

BOING ZONE makes exercise fun, healthy and enjoyable for all students and teachers.

WE can also offer a structured rotation system where during the hour session all jumpers will be given the opportunity to spend 15 minutes at each of our four courts.

Free Jump Court
Slam Dunk Court
Foam Pit / Battlebeam / Air bag
Dodgeball Court

We  group your students so that they are jumping with others of a similar age and size. Each group has a Court Monitor who supervises and explains the rules of each activity.The group starts in one court and moves to the other courts at 15 minute intervals.

The benefits of this are:

All students get an equal time in all areas.
Smaller/younger students don’t become intimidated or knocked over by larger/older jumpers.
Students stay engaged in each activity for longer
Students don’t waste their time wandering around the platform trying to work out which activity they want to do next.