BOING ZONE puts the FUN into FUNdraising!

Boing Zone is delighted to offer a Subsidised Fundraising Opportunity for bona fide charity events, and will provide the following:

·         Confirmation of booking, and invoice for deposit
·         Exclusive use of Boing Zone for 90 minutes, reduced from £555.00 to £100.00 only, to cover staffing costs.
·         60 minutes (7.00 – 8.00) jumping
·         30 minutes (8.00 – 8.30) in party room for fundraising
·         Usual cost £365.00 – no cost to charity
·         The charity keeps all the money raised from ticket sales.
.          Pair of free passes for one of the raffle prizes
.         All food to be consumed on the premises must be purchased from Boing Zone.
.         Safety grip socks, which are required,  available at £2.50 per pair
.         Tuesday or Thursday: 7.00 – 8.30pm, subject to availability
.         Available term time only, not available during school holidays
.         Facebook/Email support for advertising the event
.         Experienced Boing Zone staff to safely monitor event

The charity will need to provide:

·         £100 booking reservation deposit required.
·         Charity registration number
·         Printed tickets for the event, (copy to be provided to Boing Zone) the charity is responsible for all ticket sales
·         All tickets must be pre-sold, no sales on night
·         Sale of all tickets at price chosen by charity, but must be a minimum of our normal price of £8.00 per person.
·         Successful event requires minimum sale of 35 tickets, maximum 100.
.         Maximum 50 jumping at any one time
.         Raffle and stalls allowed, if food or drink involved it must be for home consumption.
·         Minimum age 5, under 5s are not allowed to jump
·         Safety grip socks required
·         Online waivers required for all jumpers, (instructions to be included on tickets)

N.B. The booking will only be confirmed when the deposit is received and the tickets printed.

To confirm availability email us on