FoamPit / AirBag

Flip Out in the Foam Pit!

Wanna practice your flips? Give it a go using BOING ZONE ’s foam pit (only at our Stourbridge park) – take a running jump into the 1m deep foam blocks or onto our Air Bag and show everyone your moves. Make use of the trampolines and raised platform to widen your leaping experiences. Just remember to not leap beyond your ability level.

This area consists of trampoline launch pads which catapult you into a 20ft foam pit or air bag that is over 1 metre deep and filled with thousands of gymnastic grade foam cubes. The foam pit is the ideal area to practice all sorts of aerial manoeuvres with a soft and safe landing.

The BOING ZONE Foam Pit is the most popular part of the Stourbridge park experience. We think that this is because you can practice all the tricks and manoeuvres in comfort in knowing that your landing is safe and soft. All we ask is that you don’t enter head first and jump one at a time and always within your own ability.

Our new state of the art AIRBAGS at Birmingham are proving equally as popular and are a lot easier to escape from, there is a high jump in each of these parks too!

Good luck getting out of the foam pit, this where socks and all sort of accessories get eaten, so hold onto your socks as you make your way out of the foam pit. No jewellery or mobile phones are permitted on the trampolines as they are most likely to be lost.


    • Lost items will only be searched for during Monday maintenance
    • Do not jump without a COURT MONITOR in attendance
    • Jumpers must wait where instructed by the COURT MONITOR
    • Always follow the COURT MONITOR’s directions
    • Only one jumper at a time per lane
    • Do not jump before previous jumper has exited
    • Only front flips are permitted
    • No landing or diving head first or feet first
    • No back flips, double flips or gainers (forward moving back flips)
    • Do not attempt anything outside your personal abilities
    • Do not hide or bury yourself under the foam blocks
    • Playing, picking and throwing the foam blocks is prohibited
    • Use the ropes to assist your exit
    • Exit the foam-pit and airbag area as quickly as you can
    • Once on the climbing wall/ropes do not jump back into the foam-pit
    • Have fun but jump safe!