Trampoline Dodgeball Night, currently Cannock only

Just show up at the park after 6:00pm playing until 9.00 pm!
Bring a Team of 5 to 8 or show up as a Free Agent
Double elimination tournament every night
Prizes and bragging rights for the champions
Book tickets on line or at the door
Teams divided into age groups
No long-term commitment – just pay each night you play.
Access to the rest of the park when not playing!

The Game
– Each match lasts for eight minutes.
– A team wins a game when they get all the opposing players out.
– Teams play as many games as possible.
– Each team starts with three balls.
– Each team starts with four players.
– The team that has won the most games at the end of eight minutes has won the match.
– If the case of a tie, a tie-breaker game is held.

When we have sufficient interest leagues will be formed.