Please note - Under 5s can only jump during our Toddler Time Sessions. Please note - Jeans cannot be worn at any time whilst jumping.

Baby Sitting / Boing Zone Kidz Club (Starts Saturday 9th July)


Is it hard to find a reliable baby sitter?
Do they need too much notice?
Not able to be spontaneous? (Remember that!)
Worry about your house and even your kids!

Worry no more!

BOING ZONE is proud to offer a baby sitting service for all children 8 to 13 years old (inclusive) every SATURDAY night.

We cannot offer the Baby Sitting service to younger or older children, so no 7 year olds or 14 year olds, sorry.

Remember when you were kids free, relive that experience every Saturday for up to 5 hours
Have a relaxing meal, go to the cinema or just have some quality time to yourselves!

You deserve it!

Available every Saturday Night from 6.00pm to 11.00pm.

Book online and drop off your children on the hour or half hour. You must provide 2 contact phone numbers.
Cost is £7.00 per hour or part of an hour. Minimum booking is 2 hours. If you are enjoying your freedom, just call to increase your time!
Collect at agreed time (you get 10 minutes leeway to be late! 11 minutes will cost you another £7.00)

Includes jumping, competitions, off trampoline fun and unlimited squash.
TV Room and tablets also available

All supervised by our CRB checked and qualified first aider staff.